Are You At A Pivotal Point Of Change In Your Life?
Is Your Soul Calling Out For More?
Is It Time To Stretch?

 diverse women and join our year long academy includes three exquisite 10-day expeditions with service projects, private & group coaching, training & resources, mentorship from incredible teachers, and an inspiring & supportive sisterhood to last a lifetime.  

Network with a diverse group of women visionaries ready to make an impact in the world.
The world has so much to teach us..
Get to know yourself, and humanity, on a much deeper level.

Is there something missing in your life – something your soul yearns for? Maybe you have a good job and are making good money – but you’ve lost passion for your work.

Maybe you’ve hit a plateau in your business and need to increase your creativity quickly.

Maybe you’re being called to steer your life in a completely new direction – or you have a vision you’d like to bring to life, but you’re not sure how to proceed and can’t find the support you need to make it happen.

Or maybe you simply want to bring more happiness, sanity, and meaning into your life and the world?

Whatever it is you’re looking for, this year of exploration is built to help you find it. 

I invite you to join me on a journey of transformative travel, self-discovery and giving. Along the way, we'll meet in some of the world's most wondrous places as we encounter fascinating cities and enduring cultures through three 10-day expeditions to Morocco, Tanzania and Japan.  

This experience is like no other. Stretch into the unknown because when you do, your world becomes illuminated with light, peace, adventure and joy. 
Self-Discovery,Transformative Travel & service 
/loo mɪ nərɪ/
noun, plural lu·mi·nar·ies.
1. a celestial body, as the sun or moon.
2. a body, object, etc., that gives light.
3. a person who has attained eminence in his or her field or is an inspiration to others 

We LUMINARIES have a deep inner calling to explore life in ways beyond the norm. Ways some may deem crazy, but that feed your soul and your spirit. Luminary Circle serves as a supportive environment where you can let your hair down in an environment that goes beneath the surface. A place where you can explore the deep questions of what does it mean to be human, and how can we as women leaders expand our minds so that we are continually evolving and bettering how we do life. 
Explore world cultures, identity, leadership, development and good philanthropy with the goal of being able to use your skills, talents and ideas to further the positive evolution of society. 
How to become a member of Luminary 2019
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It's time to step out of your comfort zone.
How Luminary was born...
Welcome! My name is Zarinah El-Amin Naeem. I'm a cultural anthropologist and transformative travel expert who works with women who dream to travel, learn about other cultures, and give back to society in big ways.

While I live a global life now, I grew up in Detroit, Michigan.  Like most young girls, society raised me to believe that all I needed to be "happy" was go to school, get good grades, and get a job with benefits. 

But what happens when you find out the fairytale is a mirage? That the "good job with benefits" isn't the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? That living the routine of working till you die or till your next 2 week vacation isn't that life? And for those of us in business, we grow and grow and grow, 6 figures, 7 figures and beyond, only to wake up and realize something is missing.  The soul of what we're doing is missing.

But unfortunately, society tells us that's the only way to live. 

But that's not working. 

I realized this around my junior year of college when something clicked inside. 

I wanted to LIVE BOLD
I wanted FREEDOM
I wanted to TRAVEL
I wanted to my soul to SING!

So I broke out! 

Instead of following the track I was on and taking one of my computing job offers, I did something everybody told me was crazy. I moved halfway around the world to Egypt and became an English teacher!

It was less money for sure, but that "crazy" decision totally transformed my life! I fell in love with travel, in love with culture, and in love with the world.  

A seed was planted. 

The next few years were amazing and work took me to Sierra Leone and Senegal where ran a program for young orphans. I'll have to tell you more about it one day but this was one of the most transformative experiences of my life. I was there to serve, but I received much more in exchange. 

Fast forward, I got married, moved back to the States and enrolled in school for my Masters in Anthropology.  I started facilitating programs and cultural events for campus and the community that created more understanding between diverse groups of people. 

My personal experiences and travels began to attract attention. Requests from friends and family poured in and I later established Enliven Your Soul. We've now taken over 36 women on international experiences to Morocco, Indonesia & Senegal! 

This academy, LUMINARY, was created to go deeper. To provide a sustained container for growth and to answer the call of women who desire to think globally, learn globally and integrate that into their work.

So let me ask you a question: are you at the point in your life where you feel called to deepen your connection with the world and your soul? 

If yes, let's celebrate the beauty of this world, reconnect to your spirit and make a global impact. 

Why do we focus on becoming a Global Citizen?
The world is in a war of ideas right now and it's going to take everything in our power to pull through.  If you are like me, your soul aches with much of what we're experiencing. Unity vs Division. Greed vs Generosity. Love vs Hate. 

Over the past 17 years, both before getting my Masters in Anthropology and afterwards, I've dedicated my life to building a global culture of love.  I've lead or facilitated hundreds of programs, workshops, events and exhibits around building cultural love and understanding in the world. I've presented in Bermuda, Dubai, Morocco, Senegal, Indonesia and all across the states. 

One thing that I've learned is change comes from those who demand it. 

In order to be competitive as a woman leader, you need to be global. We must stretch and learn more about the complexities and histories of peoples of the world. 

If you've followed any of my trainings you've already seen the powerful transformation that transformative travel, cultural studies and self-exploration can have on upleveling your life. Yes, you can learn from a book, but this thing right here needs to be felt!

The precious lessons about life and being in the world that travel illuminate allow you to not just read about how the world is more connected, but to truly EXPERIENCE the world first hand.  

It’s all here in Luminary Global Citizen Academy for your growth. Combine your powerful intention coupled with the training, tools, support and global experiences we provide.

Our global citizen philosophy includes 3 areas:

Self-Discovery, Transformative Travel, and Service
First Pillar:
Self-Discovery & Global Understanding
I think you'll agree that change doesn't come without effort. I've been working in culture and development over the past 17 years and over the years I've discovered there are 6 major areas of focus needed to become a global citizen.  These have become my Anthropological Methodology for Growing as a Global Citizen & World Leader and the basis of what we do. These six run through every area of the academy.
We begin with looking at the anthropological concept of culture. What it is, how it has shaped you, and how it shapes those around us. Through an interesting personal inventory, you'll peel back the layers and get to know you on a whole other level. 


People often talk about experiencing really bad "culture shock" when they go to a foreign land. We'll explore the concept of culture shock and how a little shift in the way you think about it can set you up for major life awakenings.


When you become an anthropologist, you select a subject and region you are passionate about.  In our visioning, we'll look at where you feel called. Here you'll give yourself the space to think outside of your current career or business. What are you curious about? What intrigues you? 

Curiosity leads to exploration for answers. We'll simulate field study and use travel as a way to connect with the world and the big questions of life. Many people think about travel as just a vacation. In reality, it's one of the most powerful personal development tools known to mankind. We'll go beyond the resort to explore what's necessary for transformation, both personally and globally.

The Navajo have a concept called shapeshifting where a human, through their mind, can take the form of another living being. While we won't be turning into wolves, we'll learn the power of this metaphysical concept and use the concept of shapeshifting to enhance our empathy and leadership.

What changes do you want to see in the world?  Service is woven throughout every thread of Luminary and we'll be exploring "good" philanthropy and how to avoid the pitfalls so many well meaning givers make when traveling the globe. 

At the end, you'll know how to use your skills and gifts to connect with causes and make an impact. 
Second Pillar:
Transformative Travel

Be more than a tourist.
Get to know the people.
Morocco   |   Tanzania   |   Japan 
Travel can simply be leaving your home for another destination or it can be a transformative opportunity to develop global leadership skills, personal growth, empathy and personal peace. 

Luminary is built around engaging with people, not just getting a passport stamp. You'll enjoy not one, not two, but three global expeditions to enrich your understanding of peoples of the world. 
Our all-inclusive, globe-circling journeys are meticulously orchestrated and led by regional experts and local guides with insider knowledge to add a new perspective to your journey. We link unique cultures, historic sites and natural wonders rarely experienced together for a  journey of mind, body, and in self-discovery.

Wonderous Morocco
April 19 - 28, 2019

Wonderous Morocco
April 19 - 28, 2019

Explore the Richness of Morocco's Mountains, Markets & Timeless Culture
April 19 - 28, 2019

Experience a feast of the senses across the valleys and mountains of Morocco. Lying in the fertile Haouz plain at the foot of the Atlas Mountains, our first city, Marrakech, has some of the most impressive examples of Islamic architecture in existence. Perhaps the highlight of Marrakech, Jemaa el-Fna square is the heart of one of the most vibrant and historic medinas in the world. This ancient walled quarter is filled with narrow, maze-like streets crowded with merchants, fire-eaters, snake charmers, musicians and entertainers. 

The hammam is the undeniable star of Moroccan beauty.  In a soothing light, surrender to the traditional Moroccan purification ritual: the Kessa mitt and the black soap scrub, while lying on hot marble. There, among the sounds of soothing water, hazy steam and the vast space surrounding you, it will leave you with a true feeling of re-birth. 

Our experts have arranged small-group activities for you at every destination to create memories of a lifetime.
Our Morocco Service Project
Climate change has been affecting most of the world causing villagers to find new ways to survive and protect their natural habitat. In Morocco, we'll visit the Tagadirt n´Ait Ali village where our group began a walnut tree economic program two years ago.  *Our service project is subject to change 


July 1 - 10, 2019

July 1 - 10, 2019

From an adventurous safari to the luscious beaches, get ready for a feast for the eyes. 
July 1-10, 2019
Your July will be filled with magic. With an itinerary including awesome safaris among African wildlife, the peaceful surrounds of the beautiful lakes, the highest mountain in Africa, and a simple stroll through the eclectic Stone Town, we’ll experience many activities one of the most stunning regions of East Africa has to offer. Tanzania is a land that has an allure for all. I have a really good friend and client here in Tanzania and she is giving me all the inside scoop.

For those who desire, I’ve added an optional add-on to Zanzibar. Zanzibar is an archipelago in the Indian Ocean with sun soaked white beaches, interspersed with picturesque fishing villages, lapped by the warm turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. It’s the perfect place to relax, soak up the sun and take a break after an exhilarating safari. For a cultural and sightseeing experience visit Stone Town, a place of winding alleyways, bustling bazaars, mosques and exotic Arab houses.

- Take in the awe of the inspiring Mount Kilimanjaro
- Pick up some gifts to take home at a Maasai market
- Lose yourself in the beauty of Stone Town
- Let your nose lead you on a spice tour
- Delve into the past with the Ngorongoro Crater
- Experience getting up close and personal with the animal kingdom in the Serengeti
- If we’re lucky, we’ll catch the Big Migration of wildebeests!

Our Tanzanian Service Project
For Tanzania, we've connected with the LINDI development organization who is connecting us with a local organization in Dar es Salaam who works to enhance maternal health. Full details on the project are forthcoming.

Ancient Japan
October 19-28, 2019

Wander through Japan's centuries-old temples and pristine gardens
October 19 - 28, 2019
Because the city served as the emperor’s home base for more than a thousand years, the name Kyoto means “capital” in Japanese. Kyoto blossomed as a center for learning and the arts—and today boasts 17 UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Immerse yourself in Japan's spiritual heritage with travel to this city, home to more than 1,600 Buddhist temples and 400 Shinto shrines. Admire the unique aesthetics of these sacred spaces, including the striking torii gates at Fushimi Inari Shrine and the nearly 50-foot-tall bronze Buddha statue Daibutsu at Todaiji Temple in Nara.

Our experts have arranged activities for you at every destination to create memories of a lifetime. 

- Learn the art of macrobiotic Japanese cooking that balances yin and yang
- Experience a traditional tea ceremony in a temple or secret tea room and pick up a tea set for your next party
- Lose, yet find yourself amid bamboo forests
- Learn the art of the Kimono and it's role with women's cultural preservation
- Experience a traditional ryokan (Japanese guest house) with mats
- Walk through traditional architecture that has survived the test of time
- Experience an Onsens (public Japanese baths) fed by mineral-rich hot springs 

Our Japanese Service Project
Our team has not yet finalized our service project for Japan however our team is currently working on connecting with an environmental project helping those affected by tsunamis. 

Exotic flavours, finely balanced textures and exquisite presentation. Japanese cuisine is an experience to be savoured.  YOU'LL LEARN TECHNIQUES TO ADD TO YOUR NEXT DINNER PARTY.

PRAY FOR ABUNDANCE IN THE Fushimi Inari Shrine, which today serves as a popular site where local businessmen seek blessings.
How to become a member of Luminary 2019
1. Click the button below to select your time and complete the application
2. We'll have a conversation to see if we're a fit
3. Make Your Deposit!
Third Pillar
Using our Gifts to Serve
The Enliven Your Soul Foundation for Global Advancement
You may have noticed that service is a major component of your luminary year. When I worked in Sierra Leone, I learned a lot about the dos and don'ts of "giving." 

Do you see the inequities and hardships in the world and want to do something about it?

The third component of Luminary is all about Service.  It's about helping you merge your skills with needs around the world so that you can make an impact. 

It's important that service is a partnership and not forced onto a community.  Thus we're working with our local partners to include a service project on every expedition. In addition, a portion of your membership goes to support our educational program in Sierra Leone, the country I first began working in after Egypt.

With a vision to transform lives and cultivate community your Luminary year involves service in two ways:

1) In each region, we will partner with a local grassroots organization and support a project that contributes to the eco-system of the country. For example in Morocco, we gathered our funds and purchased 100 Olive Trees for a village in the Atlas Mountains. ($200 each expedition)

2) You also have the privilege of becoming a founding member of the Enliven Giving Circle. $400 of your investment goes directly to support the education of young girls in Sierra Leone, West Africa through our Enliven Your Soul Foundation for Global Advancement. This is a project we’ve run for over 13 years and have been blessed to make a major impact in these girl’s lives. Now you too get to be a part of a vetted program helping a young girl gain a valuable education! ($400 for the year)

*Pictures are of our girls and education program in Sierra Leone

*Guess what?!?! For U.S. based Luminaries, your service portion of the program is able to be written off due to our connection with the Enliven Your Soul Foundation for Global Advancement, a 501c3 organization! Benefits all the way around :)

I combine global and self-discovery, travel & service for 3 reasons
1: To pamper your mind, body & soul
As a leader, it's not a luxury to take care of yourself, it's a necessity yet with life and work, we often put ourselves on the back burner.  To connect with your soul’s deepest purpose and do the intense work of bringing your vision to life and making a global impact, it's essential you be in a state of support and love.

You need a safe and inspiring sanctuary where you can get in touch with your inner wisdom and feel truly cared for. I've designed luminary and our expeditions to always include time for relaxation and pampering. 
2: To make the world a better place! 
We are such blessed women. Our resources and lives are set up in a way that we have the luxury to think about the deeper questions of life and get beyond basic survival. However, the much of the world isn't so lucky.  I know you are someone who wants to give back and contribute to the positive evolution of our society. Luminary was created to give you an outlet to serve the world. 
3: To get you out of your normal comfort zone.
To inspire and motivate you even further, we go off the beaten path in each location to really connect with the land.
Each of these locations has a rich history and cultures that are fighting and committed to hold on to their traditions. 

You’ll discover how getting out of your norm and stepping into newness naturally increases your creativity, enthusiasm, optimism, and productivity. This will help you recreate the same harmony in your life when you go home.

Your Luminary Year also Includes:
Enjoy (4) quarterly private coaching calls with Zarinah to explore your reflections and your integration of what we're learning into your business, career and life. We'll get your heart, mind, and actions aligned with its creation. It's about authenticity and living bold and connected to your soul. 
Luminary is about FREEDOM. The freedom to explore and learn. A big part of this program is the sharing of new ideas and having a space to be vulnerable. You’ll find life-long friends in this experience and have the opportunity to talk to the sisters about your breakthroughs, fears, joys. It’s wonderful to have support from people who “get” you without you having to be the "leader."  In this space, you get to absorb.
Community Connection
Private FB Group
For the entire year, you’ll have access to this sacred online space to connect with the community and Zarinah for feedback, encouragement, support, and silliness. We’ll connect on everything from love to current events. 24/7 sisterhood at your fingertips.

Plus, our Facebook is like a behind the scenes travel show. Every trip that we go on you will be there with us. We’ll show you what we experience through our own eyes!   
Inner Circle Access
You’ll have an all-access pass to each of my online courses and trainings for the entire year – Get Your Mind Right - including any new ones that I create. This is an opportunity to receive guidance on the areas that you’re focused on, with access to a larger community of sisters.

World Class Mentors

12 Monthly Cultural Trainings  To Expose You to New Ideas 
Beginning in January, you'll connect with Zarinah and her specially curated group of experts once a month for trainings centered on a different world culture and living a luminary life. These calls are designed to expose you to new ideas. Ideas that you can implement into your own way of living. Topics include:

> Culture & Culture Shock
> Visioning
> Celestial shapeshifting 
> World History
> Traditional Healing
> Globalization
> Spirituality
> Global Fashion
> Artisans
> Women's Leadership
> Beauty & Self-Care
> Philanthropy & Giving the right way
> Language

Pre-trip Preparation for all 3 expeditions
You ever have a trip planned but life hits you and you don't have time to prepare so you end up feeling totally unprepared? Well not with us! We want you to feel prepared for your trip. Don't worry about spending hours on Google because I’ve brought in regional specialists who will meet with us twice before your trip to make sure you are ready.
The program is full of surprises but I’m going to reveal two of them now. 
 Based on requests, I’ve added two special trainings:
1. How to Leverage Your Luminary Year ($5,000 Value)
We agree that this is an experience not many people have . We want to help you make the most out of it. In this special VIP Half -Day Retreat (virtual), we will have the opportunity to dive deep into your plans and see where and how you should be applying your experience and learnings to your life. It’s nothing like being outside of the bubble trying to figure it out on your own. With Luminary you have a place to work these ideas out. We’ve got you supported!

How to Create You Own Personal Philanthropy Giving ($5,000 Value)
When you pay in full you'll receive a special opportunity to work with me on your philanthropy plan. You know how every first lady has a project they adopt...something they are passionate about? If you desire to give back in a more structured way, this VIP Half-Day Virtual Retreat will be up your alley. Here we’re going to talk about philanthropy the right way. How and where to put your money and how you can make sure your giving is actually making a difference while feeding your soul.
"I am the endeavor you didn’t know you wanted or maybe you did.

That unexplainable impulse driving you beyond your imagination

I’ll help you reach far off places

And create memories you’ll keep long after you return.

I’m the world and I will show you what it’s like to be
truly alive.” 

- Unknown

"I am the endeavor you didn’t know you wanted or maybe you did.

That unexplainable impulse driving you beyond your imagination

I’ll help you reach far off places

And create memories you’ll keep long after you return.

I’m the world and I will show you what it’s like to be
truly alive.” 

- Unknown

You never know where this may lead...
At the end, you'll walk away a new person with a deep understanding of world cultures and your self.. And through your travel, you never know where you will end up. Did you know Richard Branson founded Virgin Airlines after getting stuck in Puerto Rico? And Phil Knight founded Blue Ribbon Sports which became the $25 billion empire Nike after a trip to Japan? 

The best thing is be open to all types of possibilities.
How to become a founding member of Luminary 2019
1. Click the button below to select your time and complete the application
2. We'll have a conversation to see if we're a fit
3. Make Your Deposit!
So let's learn about the world. 
Learn about yourself. 
And let's make the world a better place.
Studies show that those who are in hospice describe their biggest regrets not for things they've done, but for things the DIDN'T DO. 

You have an opportunity right now to do something magical, something that can benefit you, your family, and your world. 
Don't play it safe. Don't play it small.  

Enliven YOUR soul...
And let's enliven the world!

Not sure?
If now is not the time for you to join this journey or you have a major conflict with one of the dates, email us at about other opportunities. 
So let's learn about the world. 
Learn about yourself. 
And Let's make the world a better place.
Studies show that those who are in hospice describe their biggest regrets not for things they've done, but for things the DIDN'T DO. 

You have an opportunity right now to do something magical, something that can benefit you, your family, and your world. 
Don't play it safe. Don't play it small.  

Enliven YOUR soul...
And let's enliven the world!

Not sure?
If now is not the time for you to join this journey or you have a major conflict with one of the dates, email us at about other opportunities. 

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