Enliven Your Soul is a transformation, spiritual and global company for women entrepreneurs, professionals and philanthropists. 

If you’re a woman working to change the world for the better, then we want to support you. 

Do you feel like your soul is calling for more meaning? 
Do you want to get out of your comfort zone and have exciting opportunities that open your mind?
Do you enjoy learning about other cultures and long for opportunities to really connec tiwht humanity?

If yes, it's time to stretch & grow in ways you didn't even know were possible.
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Let's help you blend travel,  leadership and philanthropy into a life you love.
 Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living."
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As social entrepreneurs with callings to make a contribution in the world, we believe our ability to connect deeply with humanity (and ourselves) is critical to our impact.  What we've learned over the years is that travel is one of the most powerful growth tools we have. Download our FREE starter guide where we've laid out the 7 ways travel can change your life and make you a better leader, entrepreneur and global citizen. Read through and discover which of the 7 speaks to you right now. 
The 3 pillars of our work
Our unique approach blends anthropological techniques with philanthropy, positive psychology and culture into 3 areas of focus:
  • Self-Discovery: Our training programs and work is centered on the world, but also your soul. This provides the opportunity to think deeply and go under the surface of your existance and role here on earth.  
  • Transformative Travel: Our organized experiences go beyond the resort and off the beaten path. We include time for introspection and connecting with the peoples of the land. The result is that travel becomes an inspiration for taking powerful and purposeful action in the world. 
  • Service: When we travel we receive so much from those we meet. Our goal is to also be of service to them. A major focus is that each client has the ability to contribute to programs and projects that make real change in the world.
About Zarinah...
Our founder Zarinah El-Amin Naeem, is an anthropologist, global presenter and transformative travel expert from Detroit, Michigan. 

For nearly two decades, Zarinah has worked to create exhibitions, programming, travel opportunities and trainings that tap into the power of culture and work to create massive belief shifts and behaviorial shifts in society.

From her work in Egypt, Morocco, Sierra Leone, Bermuda,  Indonesia and the Emirates, Zarinah is committed to doing what she can to contribute to what she calls the "positive evolution of society." Her goal is to work with women leaders, especially social and cultural entrepreneurs, who like her want to live lives that are fulfilling AND care deeply about the world. 

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Zarinah El-Amin Naeem has been featured in:
candle mentorship
Where you no longer have to do it alone. 
All of our programs are centered on being luminious. Just like a candle doesn't lose it's light by lighting another, the same philosophy applies to our work here. With Enliven Your Soul, you get the support you need from a global circle of sisters who are rooting for you just as hard as you would root for your child.
Giving Back
We believe in service.
Our Giving Circle supports our sister organization, THE ENLIVEN YOUR SOUL FOUNDATION FOR GLOBAL ADVANCEMENT which was established to use art, culture and education to help women succeed across the globe. Our current project is the Girls African Scholarship Fund in Sierra Leone. Our next goal is to build a school for entrepreneurship. 

A portion of everything we do goes to support these causes.
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Our philosophy is centered around the deep study of culture and transformative travel. What we've learned over the years is that travel is one of the most powerful growth tools we have. In this FREE TRAINING we've laid out the 7 ways travel can change your life and make you a better leader, entrepreneur and global citizen. Hope over and join the next one.
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