A global movement of women all the around the world to show up and show up BOLD. We teach our clients how to turn their gifts and talents into a profitable business AND make the world a better place while doing so. Our values are of cooperation, balance and spiritual being. For we know that it’s more than just a business, more important than money alone. It’s about creating a lifestyle around what you love because when you enliven your soul, you enliven the world.
Unique curated experiences that allow you to 
see the world with new eyes...
Have you ever wanted to travel? How did Zarinah, a regular city girl from Detroit, end up a world traveler? How does travel affect your position as a business owner and how can travel be your new normal? 

As travel is one of the best ways to not only learn more about the world, but learn about yourself, we infuse global excursions and retreats into our repertoire of offerings to accelerate our client’s growth.



Connect with others on the same path. Expand your network.

How can you create a community movement around a subject you are passionate about? How can you rally the troops? How can you meet new supportive friends? You can have the best idea ever but if you don’t know who to bring people together to support it, it won’t get off the ground. 

We use our annual signature event, The Headwrap Expo, to not only fulfill our ultimate goal of building a global culture of love, but as a wonderful teaching tool for those who want to learn how to pull a community together in their own area.

Training and Structure for Entrepreneurial Women who desire fast growth
Are you ready to start your business and aren't sure how to get started? 
Are you ready with your sleeves rolled up and just ened a bit of guidance?
Our signature business bootcamp will prepare you for your first 1-3 years in business and have you rocking it and and highly profitable YEAR 1.
Gold Mine Women’s Business Circle
A year of business growth and support
Do you know you need long-term accountability to make this work? Have you started and stopped several times and want to be a part of a system designed to accelerate your business AND build the skills you need for sustainable success? Zarinah year-long GOLD MINE WOMEN’S BUSINESS CIRCLE could be the perfect tool for you.

Get rigorous, focused attention on you and your business
When was the last time you put yourself in a position where you had expert attention and focus on you and your growth? Business runs in a spiral, not a straight line and if you are someone who wants to make an impact in big way, giving yourself the support you deserve is key. This is your opportunity to get unstuck and create strong momentum in your business by having Zarinah’s attention. 
So we welcome you to be
Get the support you need to create 
the freedom business of your dreams.  

Free Business Resource with 10 free tools 
you can use to build your brand in a week.
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