I’m Zarinah El-Amin Naeem. I’m an anthropologist, social entrepreneur, mother of 3, philanthropist, giver, freedom business and cultural love coach, traveler and more. Can you tell I don’t believe in placing myself in a box (and you don’t have to either!)

I believe in the power of individuality coupled with the spirit of collective evolution. Translation: You have the ability to define AND redefine your life outside of any label, outside of any box. And what we do as individuals should contribute to the betterment of society. #PositiveEvolution
And it’s this mentality I bring to everything I do.

I founded
to help women  
...explore the world.
...leave a legacy for their family.
...ask and answer the big questions of life and
...make a global impact.
But how?

Let me tell you a bit of my story. I think it may help you see how this can work in your life. Back in 2001, I walked away from a solid career in computer science and moved half way around the world to Egypt. I didn't know anyone there, didn't speak the language and didn't have a job lined up. People thought I was absolutely CRAZY.
But that "crazy" decision totally transformed my life and turned me into a student of the world, a lover of culture, and a strong advocate for powerful traveling experiences.
Over the next few years, I worked in international development (Check out our Enliven Your Soul Foundation) and dibbled and dabbled in importing Egyptian and West African goods and selling them when I came home to the States.
Later, I met a great man. A "normal" man and after getting married, I decided I would be "normal." I settled down and back to school for my Masters degree in Anthropology. After graduation, I took a 9-5 position planning community and university events around diversity and inclusion. I loved it. I was good at it. I was making an impact. But I didn't like the lack of freedom. I was still on someone elses time, and really on someone elses dime. My money was capped and I started itching for more.
So when I got pregnant with my second son, I said "it's time." I resigned from my position where I was being groomed to climb the ladder and decided not to go back to work. I had no clue what I was going to do. But organically, I began to monetize my many hobbies. For example, people often asked how I published my books, so I started a publishing company and taught what I knew. Others were intrigued with my headwraps, so I began to teach library and university workshops and put on large scale headwrapping events that now reach thousands across the globe.

Catch the pattern? I took notice of things I was good at and what people were curious about and turned them into money-making machines!

And now, I've built a personal brand around my unique talents and hobbies that allows me to travel the world, make a global impact and have freedom of time.
And guess what.....
If you’ve seen any of my programs, you’ll see I often talk about gold. We have the Goldmine Circle, our year long mastermind for women entrepreneurs. We have the Jumpstart your Gold Mine Bootcamp, and the “Find Your Gold Mine” Training. Well, here’s the deal.
My name, Zarinah, means “of gold.” And It’s not lost on me that my mother would have selected that for me. I believe each of us has gold within and sometimes it just needs a little digging to pull it out. So my work is to help you dig, to give you the shovel and the stamina to continue as you polish what you find.

Ready to grow your business built on prosperity, 
freedom of travel, and giving back?
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